About us

To ensure that the safety culture improves across the board, a number of prominent construction firms and clients (construction, road and hydraulic engineering, rail infrastructure and installation technology) have joined forces. Together they founded the ‘Safety in Construction’ Governance Code [Veiligheid in de Bouw]. These initiators established joint principles and core values in the field of safety by harmonising procedures and standardising instruments. The whole construction chain is involved in this.

De Governance Code Veiligheid in de Bouw (Safety Governance Code)

This Safety Governance Code initiates various initiatives to improve the safety across the whole chain. One of the initiatives is the development of general site safety instructions (GPI). To this end a covenant was entered into with the SSVV [Cooperation for Safety Foundation]. On instruction of SSVV eX:plain develops and distributes the GPI. eX:plain is also the administrator of the VCA (SCC) examination system.

Substantive safeguards

The Waarborgcommissie GC Bouw [Assurance Committee Governance Code Construction] determines the content of the GPI and the test. The committee members come from the construction industry and have a substantively relevant background for the GPI. As least 3 construction companies are represented. The official secretariat is run by eX:plain.