Top 3 FAQ

1. I am a self-employed person / company administrator but I cannot start the GPI. What now?
Then you can invite yourself (via the company profile):

  • Click on 'Invite candidate'.
  • Enter your name, click on your name and select the correct GPI.
  • You can then follow the GPI via your candidate profile. (Click on 'Start GPI'). Also see the workinstruction (Dutch!).

2. I have received an invitation, but the system indicates that I have not purchased a login code.

  • Log in as a candidate, you will now see 'My overview'.
  • Under 'My GPIs' you can see the GPI that you can follow.
  • Click on 'Start GPI' (in blue) next to the name of the GPI to start the instruction.

3. I am experiencing problems when following the GPI. What should I do now?

The GPI can be followed in the most used modern browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox. Make sure that your mobile or tablet always has the latest updates. If your mobile or tablet gives you problems, use a PC or laptop.

PLEASE NOTE: When following the GPI, always ensure a reasonably fast and above all stable internet (Wi-Fi) connection. This is necessary to be able to play the videos properly (there are more videos than in previous GPIs). If
you unexpectedly get stuck or paused, you will have to start over with the GPI.

However, as of March 7, 2022, there will be a button that will allow you to pick up where you left off after pausing or pausing the GPI. That will save you time.

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