The GPI 3.0 has been online since 22 September 2020. Much has been improved compared to the GPI 2.0 based on your feedback and suggestions. Click here for the news bulletin.


In the menu below you will find frequently asked questions and answers on the purchase of login code(s) and the operation of the GPI. If you are not sure which GPI you need, please contact your client or employer. If your question is not listed, please contact us.

As a business contact you can add yourself as a candidate. You do not have to register again for this.

Importing candidates is only possible if you are a company (or a self-employed person, zzp’er in Dutch). Choose ‘Company’ when you log in. Under the ‘Add candidates’ tab you can choose between adding one or more candidates. To add multiple candidates, you must first download, fill in and upload the template. It is possible to add the candidates directly to a group.

To make it easier to manage and invite candidates, it is possible to add them to groups. You can create and manage groups via the step-by-step plan or in the company environment (Choose ‘Company’ when you log in or at ‘Profiles’).

Contact eX:plain by filling in the contact form at Describe which candidate you’re trying to add and why it has been added to another company. After we have received and assessed the issue, we can migrate the candidate to the right company.