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In the menu below you will find frequently asked questions and answers on the purchase of login code(s) and the operation of the GPI. If you are not sure which GPI you need, please contact your client or employer. If your question is not listed, please contact us.

Have you changed your company name or address? You can enter all changed company data in the GPI company account. You do this by clicking on 'Other' and then on 'Company data'. Here you can change and save the data. The next invoice will contain the new company details.

Are you a candidate and does your employer always invite you to the GPI? Then your employer can change your e-mail address. Inquire with the GPI business administrator or manager.

As a GPI company administrator, you can change an employee's email address by clicking on the eye behind the employee in the 'Overview of candidates'. Then click on 'Details' and adjust the e-mail address here. Then click save. From the moment the e-mail address has been changed, the candidate can log in with the new e-mail address. Do you get a message that the email address is already in use? Then an account already exists at the other email address. Changes are then not possible. You can, however, see if you can add the new account by clicking the 'Add candidate' button. If this is successful, you can delete the old account by clicking on the cross behind this account in the Overview of candidates.

If you are a company or if you are a candidate that is not linked to an employer, you can contact us via the contact form on https: //gpi.explainsafe.nl/nl/contact. State the reason for the change, the e-mail address in question and the e-mail address to which the change should be made.

You are not listed in the GPI register but do have a valid GPI? Then there is a good chance that your data are wrong in your certificate. In order to be found in the GPI register, the 'surname' and 'date of birth’ fields must be filled in correctly. Please note that the 'surname' field must only contain your surname, and not a prefix. If something needs to be amended, see question 'My surname or date of birth is incorrect in the certificate and register. Can this be amended?

It is important that you correct the incorrect data yourself first. As a company, you can do this by logging in and clicking on the eye behind the candidate in the candidate overview. Then click on 'Data' and edit and save the data. As a candidate, you can amend this by logging in and clicking on 'My details'. Here you can edit the data and save it. Only after this has been done are we able to amend the certificate. After the changes have been made to the account, go to our contact form: https://gpi.explainsafe.nl/nl/contact Indicate what has been changed in the data and enter the email address of the relevant candidate.

Log in to your GPI account as a candidate. You can log in via https://gpi.explainsafe.nl/nl/login with your e-mail address on which your employer want to add. If you don't remember your password, you can request a password reset email via this link.
When you are logged in to your account, click on 'My details'. Here you can see which company you are linked to. Do you no longer want to be linked to this company, because you (for example) have a new employer? Then you can disconnect yourself by clicking on the 'Disconnect from company' button. You can only unlink yourself from a company if you are not registered as a self-employed person and if the linked company does not have an API link. If there were invitations left in your account, they will be returned to the company that sent them. Your old employer will receive an email after you disconnect. If you have disconnected, your new employer can add you to their overview and (optionally) invite you.