The GPI 3.0 has been online since 22 September 2020. Much has been improved compared to the GPI 2.0 based on your feedback and suggestions. Click here for the news bulletin.

Follow a GPI

In the menu below you will find frequently asked questions and answers on the purchase of login code(s) and the operation of the GPI. If you are not sure which GPI you need, please contact your client or employer. If your question is not listed, please contact us.

No, the GPIs can be followed in the most commonly used modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge). As far as the browser Internet Explorer 11 is concerned, your user experience may not be optimal. Microsoft advises companies to no longer use IE11, therefore we no longer offer support on this browser. The GPIs can be followed on a PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. ATTENTION: A mobile device with an outdated operating system (Android or iOS) can give undesirable results within a modern web application such as Explainsafe.

Select ‘Company’ when logging in or when clicking on ‘Profiles’ to go to the company environment. You will see the ‘Overview of candidates’. Click on the ‘Invite candidate’ tab. In the search field, type your last name and select the GPI you want to do. Finally, click on the ‘Invite candidate’ button. Note: you must have a login code. An e-mail message will be sent to your e-mail address with a link to the GPI. Click on the link. You enter the login screen. Log in with your login details. Then you can follow the GPI.

The GPI can be followed in six languages: Dutch (Nederlands), English, German (Deutsch), Polish (Polski), Romanian (românesc) and Turkish (Türk).

Yes, click on the [Read aloud] icon to have the text read out loud.

While making the test you can leave a question open by clicking on ‘Mark’. Before you can complete the test you then automatically return to the marked question to answer it.

With a login code you have three attempts to do the test. Before the test starts, view the GPI, consisting of videos and dilemma questions. You can do this instruction as often as you want. Login codes are valid for 12 months.

You have 30 minutes to make the test. A timer is running to show how much time you have left. If it takes longer than 30 minutes it will cost you one test attempt. You have three attempts to do the test.

With a login code you have three attempts to do the test. If you failed to pass three times, you will need a new login code or invitation.

Log in. Go to ‘My overview’. If you are invited, you will see the GPI that you have to follow under ‘My GPIs’. Have you not been invited? Then choose the GPI that best fits your work.

You can follow the GPI in six languages: Dutch (Nederlands), English, German (Deutsch), Polish (Polski), Romanian (românesc) and Turkish (Türk). You can select a language when you start the GPI and when starting the test.