Login codes

In the menu below you will find frequently asked questions and answers on the purchase of login code(s) and the operation of the GPI. If you are not sure which GPI you need, please contact your client or employer. If your question is not listed, please contact us.

The moment you have purchased a login code, it will be added to your credit in your account. In your company environment you will find the login codes on the ‘Login codes’ page. As a candidate you see the login codes at the bottom of the 'My overview' page.

They are not actual codes (not a series of numbers) and you do not have to enter a code anywhere before you want to start the instruction. The moment you start the test, a code will be deducted from your credit in the background. When inviting a candidate, a login code is automatically deducted from your credit.

You will have the option to pay on account from 12 login codes. This must first be approved before you are allocated the login codes. This takes a maximum of 48 hours (on working days).

Yes, you will always receive an invoice by email. If you are registered with us as a company, you will also find the invoices in your account under 'Other' and 'Invoices'.

Contact our customer service team via support@explainsafe.nl. Please state the email address you use to log into the GPI account and attach a payment specification from the manual transfer.

The validity of a login code is one year (12 months). After that, the code expires and can no longer be used.

You need a login code to take the GPI test or to send an invitation. With one invitation (or login code) a candidate is given three attempts to pass the GPI test.

A login code costs 8.75 euros excluding VAT. With one login code, a candidate is given three attempts to pass the test.