Explanation of step-by-step plan for companies and freelancers

We are happy to guide you through the process of getting you or your company's employees ready to follow the GPI


Read the step-by-step plan (this page)

How do you facilitate GPIs for your employees or yourself as a self-employed person? And how do you manage your candidates exactly? We would like to make this clear through this step-by-step plan. Your employees can get started in no time. It is always possible to navigate between the steps. From step 3 we will keep a record of where you left off.


Create a company account | log in

To start, you must log in to your company account. Don't you have one yet? Then you can easily and quickly create one in this step. As a self-employed person, check the box "I am a self-employed or business contact person who wants to make a GPI" at the top of the registration form.


Add candidates

To be able to send the candidates a GPI invitation, you must add them first. As a self-employed person you are automatically added as a candidate within your own company. In this step you can add candidates manually or by using an import file. You can also link candidates to groups. This makes it easier to invite them in the final step.


Buy login codes

You need login codes to be able to send GPI invitations to your newly added candidates (or to yourself when you are self-employed) In this step you can buy them directly via iDEAL (only within the Netherlands) / Credit card or by placing an invoice order.


Invite candidates

In this last step you can invite the candidates for a GPI of your choice. As a self-employed person you must invite yourself (via the company profile). You can then follow the GPI in your candidate profile.