GPI Installatie

Click on ‘Start the GPI’ to start the GPI.
More information about the GPI you find below at ‘How does it work?’

Start GPI


To be able to follow the GPI and to get the certificate you need a login code. You can get these codes from your employer or you can order them via the button below.

Purchase login code(s)

How does it work?

You will view the GPI.

This lasts about 15 minutes and consists of video and animated clips, which are alternated with questions. These questions are meant to help you reflecting on working safely. They do not count towards your result.

The test then follows. The test has 10 questions. If you have answered at least 8 questions correctly, you have passed the GPI. The certificate is valid for one year.
This gives you access to every GPI-construction site.
If you have answered less than 8 questions correctly, you must follow the GPI and test again.

You have 30 minutes to do the test.
You can view the GPI as often as you like.
With one login code you have three attempts to pass the test.