GPI Installatie

We explain how the GPI and the test work below. Under ‘Sample Test’ you will find sample questions you can answer so you know how the test works. You will also find out how to select the desired language and how to have a question read out loud.

Start the GPI


To attend a GPI and obtain a certificate, you need a login code. You will receive this from your employer or you can order it from the webshop.

Visit the webshop

How does it work?

You will first view the GPI Installation.

The GPI lasts about 13 minutes and consists of video and animated clips, which are alternated with practice questions. These questions are meant to see what you already know and to help you reflecting on working safely. They do not count towards your result. You can view this instruction as often as you like.

The test then follows. The test has 10 questions. If you have answered at least 8 questions correctly, you have passed the GPI. The certificate is valid for one year.
If you have answered less than 8 questions correctly, you must follow the instruction and test again. You can view the instruction as often as you like. You can do the test three times with one login code.

In total (including registration, instruction and test) the GPI will take you about 25 minutes.

Sample test

Complete this sample test so that you can practice for the actual test. Choose a language for the sample test. You can leave a question open by marking it. You can always answer this question later through the question overview.

Choose a language for the sample test:

Note: the sample key does not contain feedback (whether you have the question right or wrong).