The GPI 3.0 has been online since 22 September 2020. Much has been improved compared to the GPI 2.0 based on your feedback and suggestions. Click here for the news bulletin.

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Follow the GPI. Demonstrate awareness of the desired safety behavior at the construction site.

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The benefits of the GPI (General site safety instruction)

Get the GPI certificate and contribute to a safer environment

  • Gives clarity about the desired safety behavior at all construction and project locations of different companies.
  • Prevents employees, contractors, suppliers, etc., who come to different construction and project locations, from having to follow several safety inductions all the time.
  • Follow online anytime, anywhere.

For me, doing the GPI was looking at a different approach to safety instructions. Clear, easy to follow and I now experience in practice that I consciously park my car in reverse, where I previously opted for "nose first" parking.

Willem H.M. Schunselaar Paap, Acta Safety professionals

The GPI ensures uniformity and efficiency. Uniform safety information ultimately makes the construction industry safer. Everyone knows what is expected of them and the same rules apply everywhere.

Werner van Eck, Heijmans NV Safety Program Manager

You and your operational manager have the most influence on your safety.

Peter Groen, Project advisor VolkerWessels

Every marathon starts with a first step, even after long and hard training. The GPI is a great way to give everyone the same principles and to "let everyone run in the right direction.

Erik de Paauw, HSQE Coordinator RWS Region Sea & Delta

Without a plan, working safely is only a wish, but there is no such thing as total safety, only varying levels of insecurity described in a plan.

Jurriƫn Besseling, HSQE Coordinator RWS Region Eastern Netherlands

The GPI provides more safety awareness in and around the construction site in an easily accessible way.

Anton van Opzeeland, Programm Manager Safety RWS PPO

The GPI is an important step in collectively advancing safety in construction. Rijkswaterstaat fully supports this.

Jasper Tils, Safety Quarter Maker for the PPO and GPO divisions of RWS

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