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Follow the GPI. Demonstrate awareness of the desired safety behavior at the construction site.

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The benefits of the GPIs (The benefits of General site safety instruction)

Get the GPI certificate and contribute to a safer environment

  • Gives clarity about the desired safety behavior at all construction and project locations of different companies.
  • Prevents employees, contractors, suppliers, etc., who come to different construction and project locations, from having to follow several safety inductions all the time.
  • Follow online anytime, anywhere.

Safety instruction visitor construction site

This film (1 minute 30) points visitors to safety risks and safety regulations at the construction site. By clicking on the link after watching the movie you can download a 'statement of acknowledgement'. You sign this for your contact person.

*Visitor is a person who temporarily and always under supervision, enters a construction site without directly carrying out work on a construction project at that construction site.

You and your operational manager have the most influence on your safety.

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